North Coast Vettes
2008 Christmas Party

Vista, California

December 6, 2008

Meeting at Palm Plaza

Jean & Walter

Len in His Red Vette

Len & Bear

Shadowridge CC

Group in front of SCC

Tree with M.O.M. Presents

Presents for M.O.M.

Scott, Don & Rich

Norty, Randy & Stephen

Maria & JD

Dick & Maggie

Earle & Vicki

Jo & Kenn

Phyllis & Jim

Len in Santa Hat

Lee & Kathy

Saint & Lesly

Maria, JD & Kathy

Cynthia & Bear


Christmas Tree

Warren & Anne

Anita and Ed

Anne & JD

Jo & Gloria

Kevin & Kathy

Carol & Warren

Rich at Carving Station

Getting Dinner

Warren giving Knooi Plaque

Warren, Walter & Knooi

Gift Exchange

Watching Gift Exchange

Young Marine & Megan Correa

Marine, Megan, Warren & Dave

Walter & Knooi

Anne & JD

Walter & Jean

Anita, Ed, Warren & Anne

Frank & Gloria

Knooi & Joan

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