NCV Cruise to the
Ronald Reagan Museum

Simi Valley, California

December 1, 2007

Leaving cloudy SD

Weather clearing

NCV stops for lunch

The cars attract attention where ever we go!

NCV Arrives to sunny Simi Valley

View of Vettes from Air Force One Pavilion

F-14 Tomcat

Plaque beneath section of Berlin Wall

Section of Wall painted by West Berliners

"White House South Lawn"

"White House South Lawn"

First group of NCV'ers

Reagan's Air Force One, a modified Boeing 707

Air Force One

Half our group on tour in Pavilion

Air Force One

Air Force One

Air Force One

Second group outside Air Force One

Mural by art historian Stan Stokes

Mural by art historian Stan Stokes

For our LAPD friends

Back to the day of Fords and Kawasaki motorcycles

Marine One

Marine One, a Sea King VH-3A

Air Force One

The Ronald Reagan Pub

Art with pieces of the Berlin Wall

Western Oval Office

The famous Jelly Belly jelly beans

Reagan's choice for Washington's portrait

Gift belt buckle from LAPD's Mounted Unit

Buckle from LAPD's SWAT 41 & SWAT 54

Gowns worn by Mrs. Reagan

Gowns worn by Mrs. Reagan

Gowns worn by Mrs. Reagan

Gift from the King of Thailand's personal collection

Gowns worn by Mrs. Reagan

President Ronald Reagan

Army Air Force duties

Army Air Force Uniform

Memorial Site

Grave stone

Young couple surrounded by Christmas trees

Christmas tree from Germany

Group photo

F-14 and a setting sun

Fully loaded with Sidewinder, Sparrow and Phoenix missiles

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