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2006 thru 2010

NCV 2006 Detail Party

Rookies Car Show 2006

North Coast Vettes
18th Annual Car Show

Toys for MOM and 2006 Brunch

2007 Mystery Valentine's Cruise

2007 Temecula Wine Cruise

2007 Cruise to YMCA at
Camp Pendleton SOI

Oceanside Freedom Day Parade

9/27 Cruise to YMCA at
Camp Pendleton

2007 Cruise to Reagan Museum

2008 Norty's Run

Corvette Dreamin' 2008

2008 Plastic Fantastic

2008 Freedom Day Parade

NCV End of Summer Pool Party

2008 Christmas Party

May 2009 School of Infantry Visit

2009 Freedom Day Parade

2009 Corvette Diner

2010 Freedom Day Parade

2010 Chino Air Museum

2010 Christmas Party

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